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Today is December 13, 2017 -

Chapter Cup

The Chapter Cup is a HUGE competition between all the chapters, so be prepared.

Want to know how to win? Of course you do. Here’s how:

Trivia: Each week I will send out an email with trivia questions about the Parsha, Israel, and SA/TO. Every time you answer the questions, you win points for you chapter. 

Challenges: Also in the emails will be several challenges that your chaptershould complete together. Sometimes they’ll be weekly challenges, and sometimes you’ll have more time, but the bigger the challenge you complete, the more points you win for your chapter.

HaNer: If you write an article for our monthly newsletter, HaNer, that’s more points!

Membership: Don’t think you’re getting off too easy, you’ll also win points for having high membership numbers, and large attendance at regional events!

Tikun Olam: Whenever you raise T.O. money, thats more points for yourchapter!!

Special Surprises: Throughout the year there may or may not be extra ways to win points so keep your eyes open!

By earning points, your chapter will be able to reach the bronze level, and the silver level, but only the chapter with the most points by the end of the year will be able to reach the gold level and win The Chapter Cup!

Get ready NERUSY, the competition is going to be fierce, but I know you can do it. This is a huge deal because the winning chapter will get special recognition at SPRING CONVENTION!

The first email will be sent in a moment, so NERUSY: on your mark, get set, EARN POINTS