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Today is July 24, 2016 -

Sample Advisor Job Description


Demonstration/Evidence of:

  • Strong Jewish background and lifestyle (e.g. Jewish Day School, Jewish camping, Jewish Youth Groups, educational trips to Israel, commitment to Jewish activities in adult life, ability to serve as Jewish role model)
  • Training and experience in youth work (e.g. college courses or job training/experience in adolescence, human/child development, ability to relate to youth)
  • Training and experience in group work (e.g. college or job training/experience in group dynamics, leadership, supervision)


  1. Serve as USY Advisor by planning, implementing, and attending two or three chapter programs (reflecting a good balance of Jewish and secular activities) per month as outlined in the 2003 Youth Department Restructuring Plan. One such program each month should take place on Shabbat morning. Planning and implementing includes advance facility reservations, phone calls to members and potential members, set-up, leadership, and clean-up. USY Advisor is also expected to attend all regional and inter-chapter programming.
  2. Serve as a Jewish role model to the group members by emphasizing the importance of Judaism and Jewish values in your life.
  3. Be in touch with Youth Educator on a weekly basis, and submit written evaluations and attendance lists of all programs to Youth Educator within two weeks of programs’ completion.
  4. Maintain close contact with all group members by phone, e-mail, etc., and be accessible to members and their parents. Reach out to members and potential members to ensure growth of youth program membership and increased participation. Enthusiasm is essential! This includes calling all members at the beginning of the year and regularly at least one week before scheduled event deadlines.
  5. Always know what is going on in the chapter and the region. Assist Youth Educator in membership record keeping.
  6. Assist Youth Educator in creation of application packet for Regional awards. Attend all staff development sessions.

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